Client Testimonials

“I have been most impressed with the way Dovenmuehle treats their smaller customers. Each time I visit their offices or call our Account Manager I feel as though we are a very important client.”
Executive Vice President, Independent Mortgage Banker

“We have a strong working relationship with Dovenmuehle which is critical in today’s servicing industry.  When we have a problem, which has been rare, they are always receptive and responsive.  Dovenmuehle always listens and always takes action.”
President – Mortgage Banking Subsidiary

“When we looked for a subservicing partner, we wanted someone who would listen to our needs and strive for the same high-level of customer service as our organization.  We believe we found that partner in Dovenmuehle.  They have been very receptive to our requests and have always worked to accommodate our needs.”
Senior Vice President, Federal Credit Union

“We were very pleased with Dovenmuehle during our recent servicing transfer.  As a small community bank, we did not have the expertise to effectively manage our growing residential portfolio.  The knowledgeable and professional staff at Dovenmuehle helped ensure a smooth transition, and assisted us with any hurdles we encountered during our conversion project.  Thanks to Dovenmuehle, we are now able to focus on new business and growth, knowing that we have a valuable partner to handle our entire mortgage servicing needs.”
Senior Vice President, Community Bank

“We have worked with Dovenmuehle over the past 11+ years and have been very pleased with the ‘business partnership’ that has been created.  Dovenmuehle works very hard to meet our requests, which are many and varied.  The people at Dovenmuehle are wonderful to work with and are very knowledgeable and helpful.”
Senior Vice President, Commercial Bank

“The choice of selecting Dovernmuehle to service our loans is currently one of the very best cost effective business decisions we’ve made to date. The company is innovative, progressive, and eager to please. Truly an excellent organization!”
Executive Secretary, State Housing Finance Organization

“We find Dovenmuehle as our subservicer to be an extension of ourselves; whenever there is a borrower issue, it is resolved quickly and efficiently.  Should I need clarification or explanation, or wish to make a request, they respond immediately.  I strongly recommend them and have been using Dovenmuehle as our subservicer for well over 15 years.”
Executive Vice President, Mortgage Banking Subsidiary

“Dovenmuehle has been an excellent business partner and has provided us access to a level of servicing expertise that we could not support internally. The flexibility of the subservicing business model has proven extremely valuable in addressing 15 years worth of changes in the mortgage business without having to develop or invest in internal servicing capacity.”
Finance Director, State Housing Finance Agency

“The team at Dovenmuehle has set the bar very high for client-centricity and professionalism. Dovenmuehle has certainly earned our clients’ confidence in retaining servicing and safeguarding their servicing assets.”
Senior Vice President – Mortgage Servicing Advisory Firm