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Lake Zurich Location Openings  
Accelerated Analyst - Outreach  
Acquisition Analyst  
Administrative Assistant - PT Legal  
ARM Loan Administrator  
Assistant Manager - Commercial Loans  
Assistant Manager - Payroll  
Assistant Manager - Research  
Assistant Manager - T&C Bulk  
Attorney Oversight Specialist  
Audit Coordinator  
Bankruptcy Associate  
Bankruptcy Auditor  
Bankruptcy Staging Representative  
Bankruptcy Supervisor  
Bankruptcy Bill Back Representative  
Bankruptcy Cash Processor  
Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Representative  
Bankruptcy Processor  
Bankruptcy Representative  
Bankruptcy Setup Representative  
Bankruptcy Document Processor  
Business Analyst  
Cash Escalation Analyst  
Cash Processor  
Cash Research Specialist  
Chat Representative  
Claims Specialist  
Client Analyst  
Client Research Escalation  
Clerical Support  
Closing Specialist  
Collections Counselor  
Collections Mailer  
Compliance Attorney  
Corporate Trainer  
Core Team Analyst  
Correspondence Auditor  
Customer Service Representative  
Customer Service Representative Part Time  
Data Mapper   
Default Analyst  
Default Coordinator  
Default Litigation Specialist  
Default Litigation Supervisor  
Default Reporting Analyst  
Document Prep Processor  
Documentation Review Specialist  
Draft/Return Specialist  
HELOC Loans Administrator  
HELOC Customer Service Representative  
Foreclosure Document Auditor  
Foreclosure Document Processor  
Foreclosure Document Tracker  
Foreclosure Invoicing Representative  
Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Specialty  
Implementation Coordinator  
Investor Accountant  
JIRA Admin/Project Manager  
Loan Administrator/ARMS  
Loan Processor  
Loan Servicing Analyst  
Loss Mitigation Specialist  
Mail Processor  
Manager - Loss Mitigation  
Manager- Mortgage Disposition  
Manager - Vendor Management  
Procedure Writer Compliance  
Pre-Foreclosure Coordinator  
Pre-Foreclosure Supervisor  
Presidential Analyst  
Project Analyst  
Project Manager Corporate Administration  
Project Manager - T&C Bulk  
Project Coordinator - Systems  
Project Manager of Elearning & Instructional Training  
Project Manager/Analyst - Loss Mitigation  
Property Preservation Specialist  
QA Analyst  
Quality Control Audit- Full File  
Quality Control Audit Specialist  
QC Foreclosure Specialty Supervisor  
Quality Reporting Auditor  
QC - Closing Team  
QC - Underwriting Team  
Release Processor  
Recording Specialist  
REO Specialist  
Report Analyst  
Research & Reporting Analyst  
RESPA Liaison  
RESPA Specialist  
Security Analyst  
Selected Accounts Analyst  
Selected Accounts Support Analyst  
Selected Accounts Survey Analyst  
Service Release Coordinator  
Special Loans Product Administrator  
SPOC Phone Agent  
Sr. NET Developer  
Sr. Systems Administrator  
Supervisor of ARMS  
Supervisor Loss Mitigation  
Supervisor HELOC Loans  
Suspense Processing Specialist  
Team Lead Collections  
Team Lead Default Services  
Team Lead T&C Bulk  
Team Lead - Loss Mitigation  
Trial Performance Analyst  


Elgin Location Openings  
Collections Counselor  
Collections Trainer  
Corporate Trainer  
Customer Service Representative  
Data Processor  
Escrow Audit Analyst  
Part Time Collections Counselor  
Project Manager Escrow  
Property Tax Reporting  
Research Auditor  
Team Lead - Collections  
Team Lead - Customer Service  


North Aurora Location Openings  
Collections Counselor  
Customer Service Representative  
Dialer Administrator  
Part Time Collections Counselor  
Part Time Customer Service Representative  
Supervisor - Customer Service  
Team Lead - Customer Service