Loan Servicing Fees


Amortization schedule - custom $15.00
Duplicate release/satisfaction $25.00

Foreclosure Fees and Costs - service of process,

court costs, trustee fees, referee fees, attorney fees

and costs, publication and posting fees

Actual costs - vary by state
Late charges

As stated in loan documents or mandated

by regulations

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) Varies by state
Interest rate/term loan revision

$450.00 + $125.00 title search fee

(plus recording fee if applicable)

Principal reduction loan revision


(plus recording fee if applicable)

Mortgage loan assumption

1.00% of principal balance

($400.00 to $900.00)

Mortgage loan simple assumption (title change

without release of liability)

$100.00 + recording fee
Prepare assumption agreement

$125.00 + recording fee

VA title change with release of liability $300.00
FHA title change with release of liability $500.00
Title change / estate planning / trust transfer $100.00
Subordination $150.00
Partial release/easement $250.00 + cost of appraisal
Pay by Phone - with representative $11.50
Pay by Phone - without representative $9.50
Property inspections $14.00
Property preservation Reimbursement of actual costs

Bankruptcy fees and costs - attorney fees associated

with the bankruptcy process

Actual costs - vary by state

All fees listed are basic loan servicing fees.

Fees will be charged to the extent permitted by applicable GSE guidelines, investor requirements, the mortgage documents and State and Federal law.  This fee schedule provides general information on common costs that may be incurred when servicing a mortgage loan account and is subject to change without prior notice.  It is not a completelist of all costs that may be assessed to a mortgage account.  Additional fees and costs may be incurred if, for example,the mortgage loan becomes delinquent or the property associated with the mortgage loan becomes subject to litigation.Additional fees may include, but are not limited to, attorneys' fees and court costs. These fees and costs vary with the circumstances of the case and specific work performed.

Please contact Customer Service to confirm current fees when requesting any of these services.

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